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Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator
Price: $39.00

Shipping: $15.00
Personalize your pour. Add a personalized touch to your wine tasting experience with the innovative Trilux Wine Aerator. Three different aeration levels - High, medium and low - allow you to control the amount of air in your wine by rotating the aerating bowl, providing the best taste to fit your wine tasting needs. Epicureanist's Trilux Aerator (EP-AERATOR001) features include a slip-free grip, a stackable, no-drip plate, and a large bowl for easy use so you can aerate with ease and confidence. 

See the aerator in use:


    Three Reasons To Love the Trilux Aerator

  • Customized Aeration. Most wines benefit from aeration, but some need to breathe more than others. The Trilux allows you to select from high, medium and low aeration levels all in one tool. No more switching between red and white wine aerators!
  • Simple To Use. In addition to its easy-to-hold design and large bowl, the Trilux was engineered to sit atop wine glasses and decanters to make even pouring a breeze.
  • All Inclusive. The Trilux doesn't just cut down on your need for multiple aerators. We've included the accessories (stand and drip tray) right in the specially-made gift box to ensure you get the best experience at the right price.
  • Stackable, no-drip plate and aerator stand
  • Patented technology exclusive to Epicureanist
  • Easy to clean
  • No-slip grip and easy-to-hold shape
  • Three levels of aeration: High, Medium and Low
  • Large bowl to avoid messy spills
  • Elegant and innovative design
  • Dimensions: 3.628" dia x 5.125" H

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.


U.S. PATENT NUMBER 8,430,023 B2