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Gift Set
Blanket Fabric Sample
Sleep Mask Fabric Options
Neck Pillow Fabric Options

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Revitalizing Energy Gift Set

Neck Pillow Fabric Options
Sleep Mask Fabric Options

Give the gift of relaxation and bliss with the Revitalizing Energy Gift Set. Recharge tired eyes with the Calming Sleep Mask. Filled with lavender flowers, the mask will block any light from disturbing your sleep, day or night. Delight the senses with the Hot/Cold Comfort Blanket filled with peppermint and lavender flowers. Warm up the blanket in the microwave to soothe tight muscles or chill it in the freezer. The Therapeutic Neck Pillow is filled with hypo allergenic buckwheat hull that provides firm support to your neck muscles while you sleep. The buckwheat hull adjusts to the contour of your body and allows your muscles to relax all night long.

  • Three piece gift set
  • Blanket filled with peppermint and lavender flowers
  • Pillow filled with hypo allergenic buckwheat hull
  • Sleep mask filled with lavender flowers
  • Pillow provides firm support for muscles, conforms to body
  • Blanket can be warmed in microwave or chilled in freezer
  • Adjust the firmness of the pillow to meet your needs
  • Sleep mask designed to block out light
  • Dimensions: 40” x 18” (blanket); 14” x 6" x 6” (pillow); 9” x 4” (sleep mask)