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9 Bottle Wine Travel Case
Price: $386.00

Shipping: $50.00
The Sangiovese is a nine bottle wine carrying case designed for anyone who need to transport a quantity of wines for business or special events. This wine case comes standard with a top carry handle, four twist latches, two polyurethane wheels and a fully retractable handle which makes transportation effortless. The retractable handle,  when closed, can also be removed. Multiple Sangiovese cases can also be stacked. This wine carrying case is a great way to bring wine on a trip without the hassles: great for out-of-town car or plane travel. The case can be used as a carry-on or checked baggage when flying.

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  • 9-bottle wine carrying case perfect for general travel and airplanes
  • Available in Silver or Copper color
  • Removable telescopic handle and wheels for easy transport
  • Helps protect wine from temperature fluctuations and physical damage while in transit
  • Crafted from industrial grade aluminum to provide maximum strength with minimal weight
  • Weight: 16lbs (empty) / 45 lbs (w/6 750ml bottles of wine)
  • Dimensions: 21"H x 16.5"W x 18"L

Optional Features

  • Locking Strap: Add Security to your case with a TSA-Approved StrapSafe. Featuring patented “Baggage Constrictor TM” technology, the StrapSafe 100 cannot be loosened once locked, unlike other luggage straps. The Travel Sentry® Approved 3-dial combination lock can be safely opened and relocked by TSA (Transport Security Administration) luggage inspectors.
  • Locking Latches: Add security to your case by replacing your standard latches with lockable ones. 
*Note: Wine not included in this tote.